Winter Water Pressure Woes

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Let’s be honest here, winter can prove to be a real pain in the bum. Before we start with the total lack of daylight hours and it always being a bit chilly – it can play havoc with your home too if you’re not careful!

If at any point you find that there isn’t any water coming from your taps, or there is but it comes to no more than a meagre dribble of its former self, then you can follow this useful step-by-step guide for what to start checking before you go calling the plumber!

See if water comes out the kitchen tap

Typically you will find that your mains water supply is fitted to serve the taps in your kitchen first and foremost. If your problem is a weak flow or nothing at all coming out of the taps upstairs in your bathroom, but your kitchen tap is working as normal – there is a good chance your problem is with your internal plumbing. This would have to be fixed by an accredited plumber we’re afraid.

Ask around

Sometimes when the water pressure in your home drops, this can be something specific to your area rather than just your home. This may be because a house a few doors down has sprung a leak and as a result, the wider area will suffer. When in doubt, ask your neighbours if they’ve noticed a change in their pressure, if they have, then you can pretty much guarantee the whole area will be affected and eventually put right.

Inspect your stop valve

To ensure your water is running freely through your home, the easiest solution may often prove to be the correct one – make sure that your stop valve is opened all the way. This can typically be found either under your sink or in the garage, you may have accidentally knocked it a little without even noticing so never just assume because you haven’t touched it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be the cause of your problems!

Check for frosty pipes

Winter’s greatest menace – the frozen pipe! These can be a total nightmare to your water mains and leave you with a huge chunk in your wallet should they crack. Be sure to check all visible pipes for any signs of freezing and then follow this guide to relieve the problem.

Of course, not all problems can be fixed so easily. Be sure to check out our range of pressurisation units as they are the last line of defence against maintaining a great water pressure for your home – even in the trickiest of winters!

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