Pump Sales Direct welcomes the extended Salamander CT range

The UK’s leading shower pump manufacturer, Salamander Pumps, has designed a new pump to meet all the demands of the bathroom.Salamander Pumps - Pump Sales Direct

Part of the best-selling Salamander CT range, CT Bathroom boosts the efficiency of hot and cold water supplies to showers, wash basins, baths, toilets and other bathroom equipment such as bidets or hot tubs.

The new CT Bathroom range has also been launched at Pump Sales Direct to add to our range of popular and efficient pumps.

As well as being highly efficient, the Salamander pumps are also quiet and incorporate unique crossover technology so you can use just hot water to fill the bath or the cold water to fill the toilet cistern after flushing without the other side of the pump overheating.

You can choose your performance requirement, from 1.8 bar to 2.6 bar pumps, and whether you need a positive or negative head, which depends on where your water storage tank is situated compared to your bathroom.

If the pipework feeding to the Salamander pump is at least 600mm below the water tank, it is said to be positive. A negative head is when the pipework is less than 600mm below the tank.

The CT Bathroom single and twin-ended pumps have been designed to meet all your bathroom needs both quietly and efficiently. They are suitable for a wide range of shower types and heads as well as single or mixer taps. They are so effective that you can refill your toilet cistern quicker than ever before.

The new Salamander pumps for bathrooms improve the pressure level and have been specifically designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for water in your bathroom or en-suite. If you need strong water flows for your high-performance taps and showers, then the CT Bathroom pumps could be the right choice for you.

These Salamander pumps also come with a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind, when purchased from Pump Sales Direct.

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