Salamander Pumps: 5 things you need to know about the leading manufacturer

salamander pumps

From its base in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, Salamander Pumps has been Britain’s leading manufacturer of shower pumps for over 25 years. With spectacular growth over the past decade, Salamander Pumps is able to supply a product range that will satisfy most types of showering requirements.


1. Technology

Centrifugal pumps are one of the pioneering achievements of Salamander Pumps. This is the technology where water feeds into the centre of a rotating impeller and flows out radially. You can see this technology in the impressive ESP range. These shower pumps have electronic sensors that are able to both activate and to protect the pumps, despite any problems that may occur in any household plumbing. With this, the company has managed to build one of the most efficient as well as the quietest shower pumps available on the market today.


2. Quality

The high quality of our product range is reflected through the achievement of ISO 9001 compliance. Our pumps are quieter and are able to deliver water under a higher pressure than most competing models. Our pumps are continuously rated to determine how long they can run before the motor overheats. This is an important factor for those homes where family showers can run for a long period of time in the mornings.


3. Salamander Pumps Range

We provide the widest range of single and twin-impeller pumps available in the UK. All of our models come with a 3-year guarantee.


4. Sales

We know that customers need help when buying a shower pumps for the first time. You need to know about the best location to install it, how to fit it directly to the home water system and what type of connections to use. We have a sales team that will be able to answer all of your queries on the selection of the correct model, purchase procedures and issues with deliveries.


5. Service

Our team of experienced professional field engineers is able to respond promptly to all customer service needs. They are able to inspect any location and advise on pump installation as well as arrange a visit to deal with any operational or maintenance problems.


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