Salamander HomeBoost Pump: In-pack upgrades mean added value

Salamander HomeBoost Pump

The Salamander HomeBoost Pump is the quick and easy solution to problems caused by low water pressure or poor flow rates. From baths that fill too slowly and showers that deliver only a trickle of water to ineffective combi boilers and kitchen taps that do little more than dribble, the HomeBoost will increase your water pressure by up to 1.5 bar for a maximum flow rate of up to 12 litres per minute. With a Salamander HomeBoost pump in place, your upstairs shower won’t suddenly lose pressure if someone runs a tap downstairs, so every member of your household will be able to enjoy consistent flow rates all day, every day.


Salamander HomeBoost Pump Activates When Needed


Compact, discreet and extremely quiet while in operation, the HomeBoost pump can solve all of your water-flow issues in one simple installation. Intelligent electronics built into each pump allow it to detect when flow rates or the level of water pressure are too low, and only then is the boost automatically applied. This feature means the pump only operates when needed, providing a high level of energy-efficiency. Operating at 46dB, the HomeBoost emits less noise than a typical electric kettle, so while you’ll be able to feel it working every time you turn on a tap, you’ll hardly know it’s there.


Two-year Manufacturer’s Guarantee


Thanks to its small size and streamlined design, the Salamander HomeBoost can usually be fitted by a plumber in less than an hour, and now, thanks to our added-value upgrades, installation is easier and more cost-effective than ever. The HomeBoost now comes complete with everything you need included in the pack at no extra cost. In addition to the outlet strainer and inlet washer, you’ll also get a set of adapters to enable it to be fitted to either a 15mm or 22mm pipe, along with a straight connector and isolation valve connector. Manufactured in the UK from top-quality components, the HomeBoost pump is fully compliant with all water-fittings regulations and is WRAS approved and IPX4 rated. It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


The unit can be plumbed directly into the mains pipework. For best plumbing practice and to facilitate removal of the unit for future servicing, the fitting of full-bore isolating valves is highly recommended, so ensure you choose an installation site with sufficient room.


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