Heating Pumps – Repair or Replacement

With the change in legislation to outlaw the old standard heating pumps many customers are faced with a confusing array of options to replace their pumps once they breakdown.

On average new pumps are over 30% more expensive compared to the previous ranges. Those products affected are:-

Brand Old Range New Range
Grundfos UPC, UPS, UPSD Magna1, Magna3
Wilo DOS, DOP, Top-S, Top-SD Yonos Maxo, Stratos
Myson SE 125, SE 150, SE 200 Use Wilo’s
Smedegaard EV MAGNETA
Lowara FLC, TLR Due January 2014


However, what many manufacturers are not stressing is the option to repair rather than replace. In most cases, where the pump has flanged connections onto 40mm pipe (or larger) it is possible to buy repair assemblies.

A repair assembly consists of the terminal box, motor and impeller (collectively called the HEAD). The faulty unit needs to be isolated from power and from the pipe system. The old head can then be removed, normally by simply loosening four bolts. And the new head substituted re-using the existing bolts.

All new circulators use a single phase 240v supply. If you have a 3 phase power supply to your pump it is always worth investigating the options to repair before swapping to the new unit.

Manufacturers go to great lengths to try to persuade consumers that the new pumps are so energy efficient that it is cost effective to change up to the new technology. On smaller, old systems the savings will be limited by the inefficiencies in the controls and pipe work design. It is unlikely that payback would be achieved within the normal expected life of the pump.

If you can, repairing is the cost effective solution.

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