6 home modifications to help you save energy

Money doesn’t grow on trees so we’ve put together six simple modifications you can make to your house and garden that will help you save on energy bills. 1. Insulate or top up your insulation First, insulation. Not very glamorous … Continue reading

Does your heating system need a condensate pump?

In the UK, all new gas boilers installed after April 2005 and oil boilers after 2007 have to be condensing types. What this means is that they capture waste heat by condensing the steam, which on older types of boilers … Continue reading

10 energy-saving tips for your hot tub

With the unpredictable British summer it’s important to make the most out of your hot tub when you can but that doesn’t have to mean costly overhead costs. The team here at Pump Sales Direct have put together a few … Continue reading

Is it possible to be water independent?

Whether they begrudge paying regular amounts to the water company, they hate to see a free resource going to waste or they want to make their lives a little greener, many people like the idea of becoming independent of the … Continue reading